About me

My name is Kevin Mohr. I am a driven ambitious person who makes considered decision based on facts, able to convince team members and stakeholders from making the best choice. Creating clear overview in complex projects, supported by drawings to secure the team is fully understanding the relationships between different domains. Here's a little more about me:

  • Clear Project Oversight: I excel at creating clear and comprehensive project overviews, often supported by meticulous drawings. This helps ensure that every team member comprehends the intricate relationships between different project domains, leading to smoother execution.
  • Prioritization Expertise: I have a natural talent for distinguishing between essential components and side elements within a project. I take the lead in driving progress by focusing on the right components first, ensuring that we stay on track and meet our goals efficiently.
  • Honest and Straightforward: I believe in transparent and honest communication within the team. I make it a point to provide clear, direct, and candid feedback, fostering an environment where open dialogue is encouraged.
  • Team Player: Teamwork is at the core of my philosophy. I firmly believe that we should act as a cohesive unit, always having each other's backs. Collaboration and mutual support are essential for achieving our collective goals.
  • Strong Sense of Responsibility: Responsibility is a value close to my heart. I have a keen sense of accountability and always strive to uphold my promises. When I commit to something, you can trust that it will be delivered.
  • Continuous Learning: I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, particularly in exploring different solutions. I quickly grasp the consequences of various choices, especially in the context of holistic solutions. My goal is to constantly expand my understanding and contribute to better decision-making.


In a high-profile project, I crafted a visually appealing application for a leading enterprise client. This app, deployed across a global network of over a thousand stores, simplified the ordering of styling and merchandise products. Notably, it automated item verification and order creation within their D356 Finance and Operations system, enhancing overall  operations efficiency.

In the agricultural sector, I developed a system for a company to streamline the price management of their products. The task involved creating a versatile system capable of handling diverse complex pricing structures and monitoring items restricted to specific countries. Where a complex structure of factories and sales companies were maintained by power automate flows.

I designed an advanced financial reporting tool for a mid-sized company grappling with diverse systems. Where some of them needed a custom API to connect with. These systems provided data on realized hours, planned hours, forecasts and budgets. The tool successfully combined information from these sources, offering a consolidated and insightful overview of the company's project finances.